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Customizable I-9 Compliance?

For more than a decade, companies around the U.S. have been counting on Lookout Services to help them ensure employment eligibility for new employees, and to stay compliant with federal and state I-9 guidelines for employers. As the first in the industry, we pioneered I-9 verification, and still offer the strongest, most flexible, and dependable option with our fully customizable paperless system.

When you want to ensure employment verification is handled the right way, every single time, then it’s time to call Lookout.

Never Worry About Employment Verification and I-9 Compliance Again

Using our completely customizable, one-of-a-kind I-9 compliance system, you can ensure that every new employee is properly verified and documented. If you want to keep better records, avoid government penalties, and take the hassle out of I-9 compliance, then call Lookout Services today!

Lookout Services does exactly as their company name implies. It looks out for our best interest.

Paul A. Wasylkevych

Luihn Food Systems, Inc.