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Understanding E-Verify & I-9 Software

As a business owner, it is important to verify employees work eligibility. One of the easiest ways to achieve this with certainty is to use the services of Lookout Services. Their I-9 Intellegence software is error proof to ensure proper verification of your employees eligibility to work in the USA.

Using I-9 services to e-verify will assure that you stay in compliance and that you do not one day wake up to a nightmare like an ICE audit and then you find that you are not in compliance.  Lookout Services software ensures that eligibility is verified properly and completely without error. Not doing it right can result in hefty fines as well as losing part of your workforce to deportation. Neither of which is a situation a business wants to find itself in.

At lookout Services you will find that the founders of the business are well versed in employment and immigration laws and therefore our software reflects that knowledge and brings it to you.

Filling out the I-9 form is generally just a standard onboarding practice for most companies and is not much looked at which is what can get you in a situation where an ICE audit and hefty fines can cripple your business. Using our software will keep you in compliance with proper documentation. The software will not let you make errors while filing the form and therefore ensure proper compliance.

I-9 Intelligence

Our I-9 Software streamlines the filing process as well as giving you the ability to customize the process to your business. Extensive error checking software also ensures proper completion of the form.

Our software is designed by lawyers and therefore is more than just fill in the blank software as well as preventing common errors.


  • Prevents inadvertent errors
  • Anticipates uncommon scenarios
  • Tracks expiring documents
  • Its user-friendly and intuitive to use
  • Reporting is centralized


E-verify is already mandatory in many states and we offer an add-on that allows you to e verify easily. The main benefits of using this government-run service are that it stops you from getting caught in a situation where a forged document is used and you think that you’re ok when your not. It also allows you to put in some vital data like employee’s name, Social Security number and birthdate and compares this to data in a federal database with millions of records to verify against. This will help to ensure your workforce is legal and prevent you from being liable should an audit occur.

Please feel free to call and talk to us about your needs. We are always happy to answer questions and help.

This section contains helpful information on why you should e-verify and use I-9 verification software to check your workforce for employment eligibility in the USA.

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