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Industry Examples.

Form I-9 impacts us all. Our I-9 compliance tool is designed to meet any industry’s needs. Many industries with high turnover, multiple worksites, or heavy regulation need a paperless Form I-9 solution. Below is a sample of some of the industries served by Lookout’s “I-9 Intelligence” software.

  • Restaurants.
    • One of the biggest challenges our restaurant customers face is managing turnover. According to the National Restaurant Association, turnover is significantly higher at restaurants than the private sector for a number of reasons. That turnover even impacts restaurants at the store manager level, making it very problematic to keep store managers trained on proper Form I-9 completion. Read more…
  • Staffing.
    • Time is money, and this is especially true for our customers in the staffing industry. Not only do they compete for the chance to supply workers, but they also compete for workers. Managing high volume and quick turn-a-rounds can create unique challenges. Read more…
  • Hotels.
    • One of the biggest challenges our hotel customers face is that the Human Resources (HR) Director can’t be in 3 places at once. Delegation becomes possible, because oversight is not only possible, but easy. Read more…
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