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January 2016
Most employers know Form I-9 must be complete within three days. Pretty simple, right? After a six year law suit and $97,000 in fines, this construction company learned that completing Form I-9 just gets you half way there. Read More

December 2015
As the recent $355,000 McDonald’s Settlement shows, companies not only get fined for I-9 completion errors, but they can get fined for their policies and procedures too. Read More

November 2015
Talking with the Corporate Office Manager of a 23 store enterprise, Lookout was surprised to learn how much time the company invested in chasing down correct Form I-9 data for paper I-9s. Read More

October 2015
The immigration laws are complex and rapidly changing. For I-9 processors, keeping up with all of this can become a real struggle. One area that frequently impacts I-9 processing is nationals from countries given Temporary Protected Status. Read More

September 2015
Recently, Lookout met with a new customer who was using an onboarding tool which included an electronic I-9. However, the owner who purchased the tool didn’t realize that the tool was completely void of error-checking activities. Read More

July 2015
A fence company that ignored repeat warnings from U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has racked up more than $29,000 in fines. Read More…

June 2015
A Washington state apple orchard was fined more than $2 million, following an investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Read More…

May 2015
A San Antonio bakery is out nearly $15,000 following an investigation into the company’s employment verification practices. Read More…

April 2015
An international hotel chain faces more than $13,000 in fees — and other penalties — following a discrimination suit stemming from employment re-verification practices. Read More…

February 2015
A Minnesota-based staffing company is left paying more than $227,000 in fines, following an investigation into its Form I-9 filing practices. Read More…

January 2015
An Illinois aluminum manufacturer learned first-hand that repeat Form I-9 offenses can mean devastating penalties. Read More…

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