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One of the biggest challenges our restaurant customers face is managing turnover. According to the National Restaurant Association, turnover is significantly higher at restaurants than the private sector for a number of reasons. That turnover even impacts restaurants at the store manager level, making it very problematic to keep store managers trained on proper Form I-9 completion.

When Lookout designed, “I-9 Intelligence,” our error checking I-9 Software, we designed it with these issues in mind. Lookout provides an electronically completed Form I-9. New employees and store managers are guided through Form I-9 as the form is completed. Our user friendly error detection Form I-9 logic prompts users to correct I-9 errors at the time of completion. When Form I-9 is completed correctly, our paperless I-9 Form is signed electronically as well. Knowing that our I-9 error checking software has all the bases covered makes training new managers a breeze.

Of course, even if training is simplified by Lookout’s I-9 error checking tool, the store managers still need to be trained. So, we have taken our I-9 Compliance Service one step further by designing additional products to assist your Management team. In addition to our Electronic I-9 Service, Lookout offers readily available training in a number of formats: KNOW-How Training materials, KNOWledge Center, and the KNOWledge Academy.

Our web based Form I-9 application makes keeping up to date with I-9 changes simple. Restaurants are spared cumbersome tasks such as software maintenance and updates. As legal and regulatory changes impact Form I-9, our team manages the integration of the new rules right into our online I-9 compliance tool, and your team is informed of these changes through login notices and training.

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