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Why I-9 Intelligence?

Designed by attorneys, our software is more than just a fill-in-the blanks form. Our error-checking Form I-9 software helps you take control of I-9 compliance.

Despite our best efforts, we are all prone to human errors. The most common errors, of course, are typos – typos in document numbers and dates. Our error-checking I-9 compliance tool assists the user in identifying such mistakes. With document numbers and expiration dates playing such a major role in establishing eligibility for employment, even minor typos may become major compliance issues. Our tool provides prompts to assist users in correcting such errors as the form is completed.

Of course, nearly anybody, with a little bit of training, can handle entering a Driver’s License and Social Security Card in Section 2 quite easily. But use any other document or document combination and the probability of getting it right changes significantly. Our software anticipates uncommon scenarios and provides prompts and error notifications to make sure that even the most unusual circumstances are covered.

Expiring documents and retention expiration dates are key dates in maintaining your I-9 compliance program. Our Form I-9 compliance software tracks expiring documents and provides advance warning of upcoming re-verification deadlines. You no longer have to identify tracked records and create internal tickler systems, all of the dates and notifications are managed for you through the tool.

Ease of use was a high priority when we designed our I-9 compliance software. One of our goals was to allow Form I-9 to be completed right the first time at each hiring site. Thus, our user interface reflects the Form I-9 itself. The familiarity of the form coupled with the completion prompts and error notifications makes error-free Form I-9 completion possible by any employer representative.

Management needs to be able to view Form I-9 compliance activities to determine program success. Our software includes many reports to allow you to confirm I-9 completion, determine process or training issues, track expiration dates, and to assess and cure current liabilities. These reports allow you to understand your I-9 compliance position for any snapshot in time, rather than waiting for an annual or bi-annual audit to know if all of your compliance goals are being met.

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