Lookout provides an Internet web-based software system to produce, oversee and enforce compliant electronic I-9 forms. The system supports multiple hiring locations and multi-level user access along with administrative oversight and management utilities. The system includes seamless interface with US Government’s E-Verify System. In addition, the system will produce automated email alerts for expiring items and items needing action, multiple forms of electronic signature, user manual, training and technical support and multiple reports help keep employers current and to support employers in the event of a government audit.


Each hiring site can be setup as a unique unit in the I-9 Intelligence system, providing the ability to view the data by site or by company. Management can assign various levels of access for its variety of users.


Lookout provides seamless interface with E-Verify, the U.S. Government’s web-based system through which employers electronically confirm a person’s employment eligibility. Lookout will act as liaison between the employer and the E-Verify Support and Policy teams and will serve as a Designated Agent Client Company with the Department of Homeland Security for the purpose of utilizing the E-Verify system.

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Paper I-9:

Paper I-9 document management and tracking. Users can enter the data from paper I-9s and gain the ability to manage the I-9s and related support documents Lookout aids the employer in compliance review, reporting and E-Verify submission. The program validates paper I-9s by comparing them with the compliance rules in effect at the time of hire.

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Tracking and Email Notification:

Tracking and email notification of expiring documents, incomplete I-9s and I-9s requiring action.


Support via telephone & web conference to select administrators.

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Knowledge Base:

Knowledge Base access via the web – Lookout’s online library of information provides assistance in resolving I-9 issues. Contributors are well versed on the subject – enough to give users a wealth of information and insight by other experienced users over many years of learning.

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Batch Updates:

The Lookout system offers the ability to imports data from other systems, such as terminations and hiring locations.

Storage, Retention, Management:

Storage, Retention, Management of existing I-9 records:

Retention Purging of I-9’s that have met the retention date required by the government.

Audit Assist:

Lookout is prepared to support the employer in the event of an ICE audit. Lookout’s team will provide documents explaining the operation of the software and audit trails, which the auditor typically requires. The Lookout team is also available to perform mass print of I-9 records and attachments and provide any needed change history audit trails from the database.

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Audit Documentation:

The system will provide documents to efficiently respond to and satisfy the requirements of government audits (such as ICE or a state employment agency).

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