As a business owner, it sometimes pays to ask for a helping hand from an expert. When knowing the ins and outs of I-9 Intelligence isn’t enough, our highly-trained staff is at hand for inquiries relating to business transitions, audits, integration and more.

Business Transitions
Whether you’re growing or selling a business, or simply changing the structure, you may have questions that can’t be answered by the book. Lookout’s Customer Support team is available for consultations on how best to handle your hiring queries.
Undergoing an audit can be a frightening and frustrating time for any business, but with I-9 Intelligence you can minimize your worries. Lookout Services will guide you through your audit process, helping you comply with all ICE requests. You can rest assured that audits are easier with Lookout by your side.
I-9 Intelligence lives up to its name. Compatible with payroll software, CRM systems and more, we make sure you’re synced to your HR solutions network.

Ask The Help Desk

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